Protecting Officers with advanced communication processes.


The Safe Cop System was created to make the officers safe and more
effective at work.

The Safe Cop App is a significant force multiplier. It gathers, transfers and shares data like nothing ever created.

It includes a Dispatch System which facilitates; 911 Call placement and response,
Officer Tracking, Monitoring, Live Broadcasts & Live Streaming, Data Collection
and can communicate outwardly to the Apps.

Your Dispatch Center monitors all Officers via our Dispatch System.  
It will become a key component of the Policeman’s shift.

The Dispatch System will be ideally located
in your Dispatch Center and it sees and monitors all of your Safe Cop apps.
It is web based, therefore, it can be accessed from any PC connected to the internet.

The Safe Cop App will change Police work forever, plain and simple.It will allow Officers
to do their job faster, better and safer. Let us set you up with a Demo so you can see it for yourself.

Training on the App takes minutes, training for the DS takes about an hour!








The Safe Cop System needs no special equipment.  Thus, it’s low cost.

The Safe Cop System has up to 6 components dedicated to the safety and workday success of your Officers and Civilians. It is focused on reducing crime in your area.

  • 1
    The Dispatch System (DS) is a powerful, cloud based, web accessed, user interface centered on a live, Tactical Map. It guides, supports, sends and receives data to and from the Safe Cop App.
  • 2
    The Safe Cop App (SCA) is loaded onto the smart phones/tablets of your Officers and it is directly connected to the Dispatch System.
Dispatch System (DS)

phoneDispatch System facilitates; 911 Call placement and response, Officer Tracking, Monitoring, Live Broadcasts & Live Streaming, Data Collection and can communicate outwardly to the Apps.

In seconds a 911 call can be added to the tactical map and it is responsive. Officers can interact with the App and it auto updates for all to see.

The Dispatch Console is a map based that gives visual and audible clues when a response is required by the SCA. Its prime focus is to empower Officers and to receive, share and store critical data.

The entire Safe Cop App System is safe, strong and scalable.

Safecop App

phoneThe Safe Cop App is a mobile app that Sends and Recieves data from the Dispatch System and has a plethora of features designed to make an Officers job easier and more efficient.

The System has a feature called the “Notebook” which allows you to create audio notes, video notes, written reports and pictures.

The Safe Cop App also has four “1 touch” emergency communications and it is designed to quickly record critical data and send it as needed seamlessly and instantly. These will save lives.

The Safe Cop App is a significant force multiplier as it gathers, transfers and shares data like nothing ever created.

  • 3
    The Vehicle Monitor System (VMS) is accessed by laptops via the internet and only an internet browser is required. It has the same view as the Dispatch Console and many of the capabilities.
  • 4
    Our System facilitates a Live Map published to the internet. The Live Map can be used to educate and to communicate events to the General Public when large events occur.
Vehicle Monitor System (VMS)

phoneThe Vehicle Monitor System (VMS) is a Dispatch System that can be viewed and used on a laptop in a Police Vehicle.

The Vehicle Monitor System share the large live tactical map on the laptop screen and the features can be added in the map.

It has the same view as the Dispatch Console and many of the capabilities.

Future upgrades coming such as low cost dash cams and more.

Live Map

phoneA live map is easily created from the Dispatch System. The Live Map can be published in several locations on the world wide web.

Out team customizes your live map so that is show ONLY what you need to show to the Public to help to keep them informed and safe!

Once the map parameters are defined the Dispatchers are able to post critical data and warnings to the map in a minute allowing instant communications and data transfers.

  • 5
    The Resident App is an App that is NOT tracked until a Resident needs HELP or Reports a Concern, It allows the Residents to tap a button to request an assistance without engaging a conversation.
  • 6
    The We Watch App is very similar to the Safe Cop App but is designed for Civilians to support Police and to deter crime. The We Watch App can report direct to Dispatch. Civilians and Police working together.
Resident App

phoneThe Resident App receive messages and warnings from the Dispatch and in a large scale emergency critical data can be precisely delivered to those that need it!

When HELP is pushed your Dispatch knows WHO WHERE WHEN. The User profile CAN list all Medical issues, blood type, identifying marks and Emergency contacts.

It can support the police by reporting things of interest and the App can be Livestreamed when the Resident is in trouble.

The Resident App is optional component and it is featured in our T911 System visit   You can add the Resident App Component to your local Safe Cop system for more amazing capabilities.

We Watch App

phoneThe We Watch App works with our Safe Cop System. These two system can work together to ensure the peace and security of the community.

The We Watch App is the civilian version of Safecop and we highly recommend that is to be connected directly to your Dispatch Center.

Civilians can now easily provide the Police with critical information.

This app is also optional component but it adds more amazing capabilities and it is featured in the

Here's your chance to experience and know more about this amazing system.
Download the Safe Cop System App, Overview and Manual now!



Why is Safe Cop good for cops?  Every feature was created and customized for Policing and more can be created as the deployment of the software grows.

The Tactical Map receives pictures and precise data instantly. Dispatch Center, monitors all Officers through Safe Cop App and dispatch the nearest officers in the area. The Dispatch System is both reactive and proactive.

  1. Tactical App Map The map is live and is constantly being updated by other Officers and the DS. The map features all of the data that an Officer needs to be effective and informed. Such As:
    • Current emergencies (field notes),
    • The location of other Officers,
    • All DS added Features,
    • Officer added Features,
    • Suspicious buildings,
    • Sniper locations and more
  2. Notebook using this feature allows you to create audio notes, video notes, written reports and pictures. Speak directly to your Notebook and your notes are now digital. Audio and Video notes capture all the critical details. The data process is streamlined and will reduce Administration time.
  3. Live Broadcast. An Officer can initiate a Live Broadcast when needed to share their vision. The Officer can send a Live Video & Audio Stream directly to the DS and or to other Officers with the App.
  4. Officer Down 1 touch of this button and the Dispatch System and all Officers are instantly notified and the location where the Officer is down is shared.
  5. HELP 1 touch of this button and the DS and all Officers are instantly notified and the location of the Officer is shared and is constantly updated as the Officer moves about.
  6. Pursuit Tracker1 touch and your Officers and the DS are notified and the pursuit is seen on the Tactical Map and it is tracked and recorded.
  7. Drops 1 touch and Drops can be added during pursuits to the map for other Officers to source while the pursuit continues.
  8. Field Notes can be instantly added to the Tactical Map. This allows the App to also be an amazing on scene; Tactical Planner. Feature such as:
    • Suspicious Building/Suspicious Activity/Active Fire/Car Accident/Muster Point/Helipad/Sniper location etc.
    The number of features is unlimited and controlled by your DS.
  9. Shift TrackerThe App will create a Report and Map that illustrates your shift. This feature also records how far and how many hours you worked and travelled.
  10. DS Live Streaming The Dispatch System can live stream the App when needed and record the video/audio to HELP the Officer when needed.
  11. Work Alone used for Officers working in even higher risk circumstances.

Additional Features

911 World Ltd. has been creating Software Systems and Apps for four years and there are many more features that could be added to the Safe Cop App. Capabilities such as:

And so much more! You imagination is our only limit and we are glad to learn from you and to make your vision real.


The best way to see the power and to understand the system is to use it.

We will set you up with a 100% operational Demo for 60 days for you to assess our Safe Cop App.
Training is easy to do and can be done remotely. Please contact us to set up a demo.


There are 4 cost components to be considered:

  1. Initial licence purchase. This is a progressive licence starting with a minimum of 25 Apps. This is a one-time fee with lifetime upgrades once the Apps are purchased.
    • There are minimum charges based on the security features needed.
  2. A monthly cost for each SCA is charged. The fee is set at the time of signing and will remain set for the length of the initial Contract.
  3. Training will be extra.
  4. System customization will be extra.

Once the system is purchased all future upgrades are free so there is no need to wait.


Get your officers the best system!  Download now and get your free demo!

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Here's the Safe Cop System Overview and User Manual to help you manage your own SAFECOP System.  It's free to download for your convenience!

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